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3-8-06 Thanks to all the bands that played with us in December and January and everyone who helped set up the tour. And of course, thanks to all the fans that went to the shows. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting & hanging out with everyone- we need to do this more often...

We're still working on the new record, "Trilogy of the Living Dead", hoping to have this out soon...

Plans to do a summer tour are underway. We hope to see all of you again in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana as well as smiling new faces in the Midwest and on the East Coast!

Be(a)st wishes,


10-23-05 New shows have been added to the December tour. Click here to see the shows page.

9-22-05 Last show for a while (we mean it this time!) Monday, October 3rd @ The Anarchy Library in Downey. We're playing with Michale Graves (formerly of the Misfits), Rosemary's Billygoat, Devil Bats, and Lunatics on Parole. Click here for more info.

Thank you to everyone for showing up at the Steve Allen Theatre. Here are some pictures from the show (click to enlarge).

8-8-05 Thanks to everyone who supported us on the 30th at the C.I.A. show. Pictures from the show coming soon... The Set profile is up, check it out on the bio page. Ralis' profile coming soon...

Come see us on Thursday August 18th at the Anarchy Library in Downey (21 and over only). Full bar this time, be sure to stick around for Undercover Slut and Rebel Rebel.

New show added. Friday September 2nd at the Steve Allen Theatre, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. This is our last all ages show of the year, don't miss it! Appearing with special suprise guest to be announced in the near future. For more information click here.

7-7-05 deadbyday is proud to announce that we now endorse Coffin Case products. Check out their full line of killer guitar cases and other accessories at

Drums and keyboards have been recorded for our new e.p. "Trilogy of the Dead." Guitar and bass are soon to follow.

Order of the Fly have been added to the C.I.A. show on July 30th. Check out their website at Be sure to come early, these fiends from the horrible wasteland that is the (909) are not to be missed... Other special surprise guest band to be announced shortly!

6-16-05 Back from the dead! We have 2 shows coming up, come see us at the C.I.A. in North Hollywood on Saturday, July 30th. This is the only ALL AGES show in L.A. for a while, don't miss it! Also see us at The Anarchy Library in Downey on Thursday, August 18 with old friends Rebel Rebel and Undercover Slut (all the way from Paris, France). For more info, visit the shows page.

A special thanks to everyone who stopped by and said "hello" at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, it was a true pleasure meeting all of you. Check out new pictures in the gallery section.

Last but not least, please welcome Set--our new bass player, a force to be reckoned with...

6-1-05 Join us on MySpace. Click here or go to the "links" page.

4-22-05 The rest of the lyrics have been added to the "downloads" page.

4-1-05 Lyrics have been added to the "downloads" page for some of the songs.

1-11-05 Here is a long overdue update. Yes, we're still "alive", well most of us, that is... We've been busy working on new material, as well as an old favorite about an infamous butcher, a sadistic surgeon of demise... Our new E.P., Trilogy of the Dead, is finally finished and ready for recording! Look for an early summer release... Plans for touring in the spring are underway. Hope to see you soon! New merchandise should also be available in the near future, as well as more frequent updates!