#6 Here is a review of the Mutly tribute show at the C.I.A. on Oct. 11.

The crowd pressed closer as the band emerged in a haze of fog, in all their fire-breathing, blood spewing, demonic glory. This was a new DEADBYDAY; streamlined in appearance and fresh in sound due to the contributions of the newest members of the demonic legion, guitarist Maliki and bassist Charon, who, to their credit, did an excellent job and fit in very well with the elder members of the demonic realm. Led by keyboardist Ralis Kahn, whose resume as a Hollywood makeup effects artist includes Marilyn Manson, Glen Danzig, and Nine Inch Nails as well as a myriad of horror films such as Vampire Resurrection and The Dentist 2, DEADBYDAY is driven by the thunderous drumming of Stephan (read that Stepha-a-a-a-an) and the thick, demonic-choir vocal sound that is their trademark. The band's music was also featured in the Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal soundtrack, and Mutly absolutely loved them. I did exactly what he and I always did at deadbyday shows: got up front, sang along, and screamed my t hroat raw. And they fucking deserved it. In a blistering set featuring such DEADBYDAY favorites as Legions of the Damned, 2000 A.D. (which they renamed Motherfucking Bloodsucking Vampires in Mutly's honor), and A Gift, they managed to cram in everything from fire breathing and throat slashing to self mutilation and demonic ceremonies read from a burning book. The band's new visages looked great, and the effects were nothing short of amazing. Mutly would have loved it. I am sure he did. As always, the silent Chela enchanted all who gazed upon her rotting flesh, her samples adding an industrial edge to the band's barrage of goth-tinged horror metal. The crowd at this point was rabid, and the front rows disintegrated into total anarchy as the floor became an impromptu moshpit, which I did my best to direct away from Mutly's mom and her husband, who were still there, checking out her son's favorite band. In the end, we were all covered in blood and the band had added to their growing legion of fans. It w as the best show I ever saw them do without a doubt, and they reminded me why Mutly and I were so obsessed with them. Bravo."
-Garland Triest-

To read the rest of Garland's review of the show, click here.

#5 Fangoria magazine issue #224 featuring Cabin Fever on the cover out now. deadbyday's frontman Ralis Kahn is featured in this issue with a blood splattered photo. You may not recognize him because the keyboardist/singer is in his non-nocturnal human guise. When Ralis is not performing his duties with deadbyday, he is actually providing the dark asthetics and special makeup effects for some of Horrorwoods darkest bands such as Marylin Manson, Glen Danzig, Coal Chamber, Murderdolls, and Nine Inch Nails. The goremiester also provides makeup effects for horror films like Vampire Resurrection, The Dentist 2, Faust, and Dead and Breakfast. Ralis had the pleasure to work with Night of the Living Dead director, George Romero, creating zombies for a Resident Evil 2 video game commercial (Japan only). deadbyday is a band dedicated to the horror genre, and Fangoria is the world's premiere horror magazine. Ralis first appeared in Fangoria with The Krypt (bastard pedecessor to deadbyday) in issue 112 in the 90's. We all know how ugly Ralis is outside deadbyday, but pick up a copy of the current issue today and read the article on Vampire Ressurection, starring and directed by Denise Duff of Subspecies 2 and 3 (she's a hottie). Support the horror scene. Hail the Dark Lord! Click here to go to the Fangoria site.
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deadbyday is teaming up with producer Joe Bishera, known for his sound-tracks and former band Drown. "We decided to go with someone that has movie sound-track experience because of this new project". Ralis is referring to the theatrical approach to the upcoming Trilogy of the Living Dead disk. deadbyday is also planning something horrid for mail list members only this summer, so wait and watch for it to unveil itself from the dark shadows!
#3 Here is an album review of "Gods of the Flesh" from Keeper magazine, issue 6.

Like some infernal mutants from the dark, dank underbelly of a hellish necropolis Dead by Day have risen. Pried from their murky gehenna to plague the human race with Gods of the featuring additional bonus tracks as well aa a buried, resurrected, and reburied version of Billy Idol's White Wedding. "Virgin Sacrifice #1"--an anthem of sorts to the quasi Horror/Black Metal orphans of the LA scene. "Legions of the Damned"--has that all too familiar yet peculiar enough not to be familiar chorus that penetrates like a meat hook to the brain. Unrelenting in its possessive entrancement, this black gem is the rallying cry of all disenfranchised youth who sleep in coffins. "Spell to Hex the World #2"-"Mother fucking blood sucking vampires!!" it proclaims and shouts boldly with fanged teeth bared. "2000 AD" is a song reserved for those who prefer to dwell amongst the shadows of the attic with just enough candlelight to further their investigation of the Necronomicon. "Desecrated grave #3"--perfect for a ghostly apparation or mildly errotic vampire film. "Tears Forlorn in Ebony Splender" reminds me of Queensryche on Halloween wearing Type O Negative masks. With its thunderous rainstorm introduction, arachnid ivory tinklings, deep wolf-like monotone vocal howls and guitar melodies more suitable for a crypt this amoral slab of corpse could be the logical soundtrack to a fog enshrouded evening of necrophiliac romanticism. Dead by Day are forged by fire and conceptual cinematic evil. An unfathomable concoction of Death SS, King Diamond, Queensrych e, Prog Rock, Italian Gore movies, and the grand Guignol.
-Thomas Anthony Eckman-

#2 Someone e-mailed us and asked us to give a bit of history on the band. We do read your e-mails, so here is the back story. deadbyday was the ugly stepchild of a band called The Krypt. While The Krypt was primarily thrash metal with keyboards and a huge stage show of demons and gore, deadbyday was to be more orchestral and haunting. First, the vocal style changed, not just one singer anymore but four. That is one of our trade mark sounds, the demonic choir. The theme of vintage deadbyday was based in vampire lore and the gothic look of the Universal and Hammer films. Everything was in black and white with shades of gray. We were based in the Washington D.C. area and were booked primarily with Goth bands but were too heavy for that scene and we couldn't fit in the death metal scene anymore so we were this bastard group floating around the nations death capital. Ralis got a gig making monsters in Horrorwood and the rest of the band moved out over the next year and a half. During this time we reflected and decided that this more laid back form of the band was not true to what we were. So back came the Demonic visage that dwells within! The looks changes all the time, but The Krypt had a big influence on our look and sound. We were once again in full color and letting loose that inner rage. We could not confine it anymore. As far as the different characters go, the individual members have a big influence on the look, and sometimes it is an homage to a horror great. Our look will change again, but only slightly, as we have really gelled. This form is that of deadbyday, horror to delight the depraved.
-The Lord of Pestilence, Ralis-

#1 deadbyday has finished the rough compositions for "The Trilogy of the Living Dead" The first song, "Eve of the Living Dead" takes place before "Night of the Living Dead" in the same undead universe. If you are familiar With the film series you will recall that the character Ben had just come from a diner where the first zombies appeared and ran out of gas when he got to the farm house. Our story begins at the diner and the first zombie encounter! This is going to be a blend of theater and music, similar to an old radio play with songs,only more integrated. This story is not just fiction it is also a metaphor for something that we want you to find out about later.

Let us know what you want from this website, let us know what you think of the CD, we know it takes a long time to download but we wanted you to have the highest quality possible.